6 Corporate Events in Hawaii in 2023

6 Corporate Events and Conferences in Hawaii This 2023

Do you want an opportunity to network with business professionals at corporate events in Hawaii? Every year, thousands of people visit these Pacific islands to attend trade shows, conferences, and more. Add a touch of luxury to your Hawaiian business trip and scheduleĀ corporate events transportation in Hawaii with Secret Hawaii Tours.

1. Investor Meetup

Location: Honolulu

Date: January 11, 2023

Every second Wednesday of the month, Average Joe Finances hosts an investor meetup for both young and seasoned professionals. Explore and discuss dozens of financing opportunities, side hustles, and real estate investment ventures with other passionate individuals.

This upcoming event offers you a chance to find your next small-business partner in a relaxed environment. Enjoy food and beverages throughout the function.

2. Speed Networking Event

Location: Honolulu

Date: January 19, 2023

Traditional networking strategies can be time-consuming. Have you ever wanted to connect with like-minded business professionals without all the fluff and formalities? Hawaii Business Speed Networking may be the Hawaiian corporate event for you.

During this program, professionals can learn how to master a 30-second sales pitch in a fast-paced networking environment. These sales and partnership presentations get straight to the point, giving you only the essential information you need.

Learn to see what skills or services your peers are looking for during this fun and professional gathering.

3. Fourth International Conference on Leadership and Management

Location: Hawai’i

Date: March 16-19, 2023

Join some of the world’s most prestigious researchers, academicians, and project coordinators at this international leadership conference in Hawaii. Scholars will submit research papers to the Journal of Advanced Management Science or the International Journal of Innovation, Management, and Technology.

Network with colleagues in your field as you enjoy presentations and reviews of scholarly work. Some of these presentations will address marketing management, global information systems, education, public policy, and more.

Graduate students can use this opportunity to work toward exciting careers with veteran business leaders and consultants. Aspiring doctors, business professionals, and engineers do not want to miss out on this four-day conference.

4. OADA Convention

Location: Maui

Date: May 7, 2023

Some of the biggest names in the Oregon automotive industry are gathering on the Hawaiian island of Maui this May to attend the Oregon Auto Dealers Convention. This conference of business leaders, car dealers, and high-level executives provides an opportunity to engage with colleagues in a rewarding educational experience.

The conference will host an open forum Q & A to discuss some of the industry’s challenges. Ask questions, build lasting professional relationships, and more during this nine-hour event.

5. DigiMarCon Hawaii 2023

Location: Honolulu

Date: July 13, 2023

This July, you can attend one of the most anticipated digital marketing, media, and advertising events in Hawaii. Thought-provoking speakers will explain the ins and outs of the marketing industry while presenting some of the newest developments. Gain insight into the ever-changing economy and how it will affect your marketing strategy in the forthcoming years.

The event runs for two days and features professionals in account-based marketing, content creation, geo-targeting, influencer marketing, and more. Expand your knowledge of the industry with engaging demonstrations and exciting announcements.

Whether you are new to marketing or a seasoned consultant, you can gain something from this experience. Food and beverages will be available in the dining hall if you need a break between speakers.

6. Maui MastermindĀ® Business Success Summit

Location: Hawai’i

Date: November 5, 2023

Did you buy tickets to this year’s Maui Mastermind Business Success Summit?

During this exclusive gathering, investors, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives will learn how to increase their wealth-building potential and succeed in their industries.

Maui Mastermind offers an excellent opportunity to build your peer support group among like-minded individuals. This five-and-a-half-day experience helps attendees identify and resolve personal roadblocks that prevent them from achieving their highest performance. Make new friends and enjoy interactive business coaching during your visit.

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