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It’s no secret that Hawaii is one of the most incredible, majestic and just plain fun places on earth to take your vacation. But not all Hawaii vacations are created equal and not everyone wants to have the same experience as others. There are those that’ll have the time of their life on large bus tours and stereotypical Hawaii vacation activities and then there are others that want more than that. They want to see the real Hawaii and have a unique, personal experience that will never be forgotten.

At Secret Hawaii Tours, it’s our mission to serve up these out of the box adventures on a daily basis. The “secret” is really our guides. They’re not glorified taxi/shuttle drivers that are just there to drive you from point-to-point. They’re Hawaii vacation experts with years of experience in making sure that you have the best time ever. Each one has their own unique style and mana (strength) that you’ll get to know as you spend time together. Of course, Hawaii is still the star of the show, but our guides really shine on their own and we’re very proud to have them on our team.

Our guides are not the only secret we have in store for you. In addition to the iconic attractions that we know you come to Hawaii to see, we will/can also take you to specially curated, “secret” spots that the typical Hawaii tours don’t include in their itineraries. Available to those that are seeking something a little different, these hidden gems are best unlocked in conversation with your guide. Get to know them and they’ll do their best to take you to the places that’ll make memories to last a lifetime!

Oahu & Kauai

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Oahu Circle Island Tour
Top Seller

Oahu Full Circle Islander Tour

On our Full Circle Island Tour, you’ll explore the island of Oahu with one of our expert local guides. This is by far the best way to experience all things Oahu in one unforgettable day. Sit back and relax while creating memories that’ll last a lifetime!

Semi-Private Group

From$179/Adult (13 & up)
From$129/Child (up to 12)

plus taxes and fees

Go Private!


plus taxes and fees

Pickup from anywhere on Oahu included.

*pickup time shown above is estimated and may vary slightly.

Kauai South Shore Tour
Sells Out Fast

Kauai Canyons & Coastlines Tour

No two tours are the same on this private and customizable adventure including Kauai’s Exquisite shorelines, majestic canyons, and natural wonders. You go at your own pace based on the level of adventure you’d like to experience, as you take it all in!

Semi-Private Group

From$219/Adult (13 & up)
From$159/Child (up to 12)

plus taxes and fees

Go Private!


plus taxes and fees

*pick-up time shown above is estimated and may vary slightly.

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Corporate Events

Need to create a fully customized itinerary for a Corporate Event? We’ll partner with you to create personalized experiences on Oahu and/or Kauai with our knowledgeable Tour Guides. Additionally, our wide selection of modern vehicles will ensure that your vision becomes your ultimate reality.

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