9 Things To Know When Planning a Trip to Kauai

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Hawaii’s golden beaches provide tourists with a gorgeous beachfront escape. However, most people agree that Kauai offers the most diverse activities for families, couples, and adventure seekers.

Planning a trip to Kauai does require some effort and thought. Since there are so many different ways of experiencing the island, knowing what to consider beforehand ensures you get the most out of your trip.

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What to Know When Planning a Trip to Kauai

The beautiful island of Kauai offers tasty food, popular beaches, and engaging activities for every traveler. While planning a trip to Kauai, consider these nine key factors.

1. Plan a Longer Trip

With so much to do on the island of Kauai, it’s important that you plan a long enough trip that allows time for every activity you’re planning. After all, the best way to experience the island is on “island time,” leisurely and without too strict of an agenda.

Since you probably won’t return to Hawaii soon, planning to stay on Kauai for at least seven to ten days allows ample time to experience everything the island offers. While day trips from other islands are possible, you can’t experience Kauai’s rich history and activities in just one day.

2. Plan Major Activities Ahead of Time

Although you’ll want to have some downtime set aside for lounging by the beaches and pools, getting some activities in the books ahead of time ensures that you don’t miss out on more popular attractions. For example, the famous Hā’ena State Park requires reservations and can fill up a few weeks in advance. You’ll also want to schedule lūʻaus or boat tours before arriving.

3. Consider What Season You’ll Want to Visit

Tourism is a seasonal industry, with crowds fluctuating depending on a few factors. Visiting Kauai during holiday seasons like Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s might mean a more expensive and crowded experience. Additionally, the summer season might bring hotter weather, while rainy seasons make it harder to enjoy outdoor activities.

4. Choose an Area Offering Your Preferred Activities and Weather

Kauai has three main areas: North shore (Princeville/Hanalei), East shore (Kapa’a/Lihue), and South shore (Poipu).

Each of these areas offers different attractions and weather. For example, Poipu offers year-round dry, sunny weather, while Princeville receives tons of rain. Choose an area that suits your activity and adventuring needs while providing the best weather for your party.

5. Transportation Can Be Challenging

Getting around in Kauai is not always easy. Poor public transportation and limited highways make navigating the island difficult at times. As a result, it’s a great idea to schedule excursions with a private guide who understands how best to navigate the roads and weather.

6. The Food Scene Improved Greatly in Recent Years

In past years, Kauai’s food scene proved lackluster. However, recent years have seen a dramatic shift in the island’s culinary culture. Food trucks, upscale dining, and native restaurants have all increased and improved the local food scene.

7. Check the Weather Before Doing Activities

It’s great to plan activities ahead of time, but make sure you check the weather on the actual day. Fog and rain can make activities like visiting Waimea Canyon or the North shore much more difficult and less enjoyable. Make alternative plans if the weather looks unfavorable.

8. Know Every Lūʻau Offers a Unique Experience

Some visitors believe that every lūʻau around Kauai offers a pretty standard or similar experience. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Each lūʻau offers a completely unique storytelling, cultural, and dining experience that can make multiple lūʻaus worthwhile. Check different websites to decide what might be the best experience for your party.

9. Check Beach Safety Before Swimming or Surfing

Before attempting to swim or surf, check the Kauai section on HawaiiBeachSafety.com. This website offers a comprehensive summary of any hazards or risks for that day on Kauai’s beaches.

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