What NOT to Do When Traveling to Kauai

What NOT to Do When Traveling to Kauai 1

Kauai is an island packed with opportunity. From lounging on its stunning beaches to hiking and exploring the island’s natural wonders, you’ll never be bored during your vacation, no matter how long you stay. If it’s your first time traveling to Kauai, you may be anxious about what to expect and how to act, and having some how-to tips can go a long way in helping you settle in. 

One of the best ways to get familiar with the island is with Kauai tours with Secret Hawaii Tours. Our guides will show you a side of the island you’ve never seen before. We believe in treating our customers like family and helping you avoid the most common mistakes new visitors make when traveling to Kauai.

Common Tourist Mistakes When Traveling to Kauai

Kauai offers a chance to escape from everyday concerns and soak in unspoiled nature at its finest. But despite having a reputation for being a laid-back destination, it’s possible to turn your dream Kauai holiday into something less fun. Avoid this by keeping these tips in mind when traveling to Kauai.

1. Disrespecting the Culture

It’s surprisingly easy to make etiquette mistakes when you’re far from home, and you don’t understand the local culture. It’s always a good idea to try and learn local customs and traditions, which makes interactions with residents smoother and immerses you in Kauai’s culture!

Simple ways to show respect include taking off your shoes when entering a home and leaving cultural sites like Hanakapiai Beach undisturbed.

2. Disturbing Natural Wildlife

Seeing wildlife in its natural habitat is exciting, especially when you’re close enough to reach out and touch it. But no matter how hard you may want to interact with the dolphins, monk seals, and other animals you see during your vacation, it’s best to avoid doing so.

Having a human come into their personal space is distressing to many animals and may get you hurt. It’s also illegal under the Endangered Species Act. Instead, take photos from a safe distance of 100 feet, and let the animals enjoy their day in peace.

3. Underestimating the Ocean

You may feel that you’re an experienced swimmer or surfer, but the conditions on certain Kauai beaches can quickly turn dangerous. Always check one of the many beach-tracking websites to see what conditions are like before going into the water. Also, listen to lifeguards and heed warning signs that are there for your safety.

4. Sticking to Popular Tourist Spots

Staying at one of Kauai’s many popular resorts is an easy way to plan a vacation, but you’ll miss out on many things that make Kauai so special.

When traveling to Kauai, consider moving between several accommodation options, like camping sites and resorts. Another good option is to split your stay between two locations to see more of the island and get out of your comfort zone. Also, try to visit historical sites or places of cultural significance like the Wailua Complex of Heiaus to get a true feel of the island and get off the beaten track.

5. Holding Up Traffic

Kauai has so much natural beauty that it can be difficult to drive instead of stopping and staring, but the locals won’t appreciate drivers who stop in the middle of the road. Always be aware of other vehicles, especially on narrow mountain roads where distracted driving can be extremely dangerous.

Most tourists are confused by the bridges on the north shore of Kauai. These bridges are one-way only, which can result in queues of cars waiting to get across. If there is a queue on the other side, let around five cars cross before crossing the bridge yourself, and always thank the drivers for letting you pass.

These delays can dramatically affect your travel time on the island during peak season, so leave yourself plenty of time for longer-distance driving.

Resolve all these issues by hiring a private tour. You will have all the perks of getting around in private vehicles without any of the drawbacks of driving yourself.

6. Wearing Toxic Sunscreen

High-quality sunscreen is essential in any Kauai vacation travel kit. However, make sure to check what’s in your sunscreen, as certain compounds are toxic to marine life and affect coral growth. Keep an eye out for ingredients like “oxybenzone” or “octinoxate” and avoid sunscreen containing these chemicals.

Enjoy the Best of Kauai with Secret Hawaii Tours

Kauai is an island brimming with adventure, so knowing where to start your vacation when traveling to Kauai can often feel like an overwhelming challenge. That’s why, at Secret Hawaii Tours, we offer a range of Kauai tour destinations to suit your vacation needs. Book now by calling us at (808) 294-3993 today!

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